Dr. R K Das
My Social Work
My Social Work

  • Have organised many health camps and also participated in different organised health camps at Rajnagar and Madhubani of rural Bihar situated at the Nepal border.
  • Free medical services are given to villagers whenever i visit my native place – Balat,Rohika, under Madhubani district.
  • In planned way, for the upliftment of my villagers social condition and livings, training to develop leadership quality were given among different selected persons. There after head of the panchayat was selected from my village who provide the government scheme, i.e. Indira Awas, sanitation, potable drinking water, food & nutrition to the child & Mother, plenly of food for the person who have no earning member, kharnja road inside the village, solar lamp etc to the villagers.
  • With the help of local public,politician and beureucrats established a girl high school in my village Balat, to provides free education to all girls of the area, which has 400 students at present and has been taken over by the government. This was opend to strengthen the backbone of the society in rural block of Madhubani in which there is no girl high school other than this.
  • With the help of leaders, approaching road to the village was constructed.
  • With the help of health officials a health sub-centre has been established and is working.
  • With the help of Tele-Communication officials, a MAAR system telephone was established in 1991.
  • With the help of officials of electricity department my villagers managed to connect the village with electric supply.
  • To make acquinted with the different medical conditions and situation many news came in different regional / national papers and magazine. Some of these are
  • Encouraged the students to participate in games.
  • Encouraged the villagers to fully participate in Durga Puja, so that he may have feeling of goodness and working together in society.
  • Ultimately given slogan that “we will provide the leader with Red lamp over the head of their car and leader will provide us yellow lamp over the car of our children” – by providing good higher education in good institution. If not, our leader will not enter my village with red lamp (a sign of showing power).